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Rail Freight

Rail Freight

Providing you with cost-effective and environmentally-conscious rail logistics solutions to move your goods efficiently and reliably

We understand that you want to move your goods in the most reliable, efficient, secure and environmentally friendly way, without having to compromise. That is why we work closely with you to support all your needs; offering you rail freight transport solutions that are faster than ocean, more cost-efficient than air, environmentally friendly and designed to suit your needs.

Europe – Asia Rail Freight

Global Frontier Rail LCL

We’re here to provide you with total reliability, whilst offering the flexibility you need. Our Less-than-Container-Load (LCL) rail freight multimodal service offers regular, predefined scheduled departures and capacities, between major business centers in Europe and Asia.

Covers: Origins/destinations in China and Europe for rail; Japan, Korea, Vietnam & Taiwan multimodal connection available.


Global Frontier Rail FCL

We’re here to provide you with reliable, secure and cost-effective transportation between Global Frontier’s regional networks in Europe and Asia. Our Full-Container-Load (FCL) rail multimodal service offers a range of economic and environmentally friendly solutions for all single containers, wagon groups and block train movements.

Covers: Asian origins/destinations in China, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, to and from Europe.

Global Frontier Block Train

With Global Frontier Block Train we provide you with exclusive and stable rail freight routings between China and Europe to ensure the fastest delivery of your goods. The express lane solution also enables you to avoid border congestion and shorten the transit times of your goods to a minimum.

Covers: Origins/destinations in China and Europe for rail; Japan, Korea, Vietnam and Asia Pacific region connection available.

North American Rail Freight

U.S. Rail Freight

When you have longer transit requirements, we understand you want cost-efficient solutions, without compromising on quality or reliability. Utilizing our domestic rail freight forwarding services we work to find solutions that suit you; helping you improve performance, drive out costs and enable your success.